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Book Your Indoor Training

31/12/2020 Due to the latest Covid-19 Level 5 Restrictions we must again limit the use of our training facilities to one person at a time. Please note:
  • Booking of facilities is limited to Ardee RFC Club members ONLY.
  • You may book your training up to three days in advance.
  • Please only book one session per day, and no more than two sessions at any given time. The space is limited so please ensure all members get fair usage.

20/01/2020 – Some members have been booking more than one session per day. Space & time is limited, please allow fair usage for ALL members. If you continue to double-book your access may be revoked.

The security code for access to the Training Facility has been changed as of 31st December 2020, and is available on your My Bookings page.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Important note: Please ensure that you leave the training facility equipment back where you would expect to find it, i.e. tidily stacked away. The club is NOT YOUR MOTHER so please do not treat the facility like your bedroom!


You MUST select the checkbox to agree to keep the facility tidy before you will be able to book a session.